Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Number – (785) Title
Allen, Julie 309-3180 Medical Assistant
Bird, Shelby 309-3100 Student Service Admin Asst/Accts Rec
Callis, Jennifer 309-3115 Business Administrative Technology
Carver, Judy 309-3104 Accounts Payable Specialist
Castillo, Dale 309-3108 Building Mechanic
Conway, Tom 309-3166 Automotive Technology
Correa, Sergio 309-3164 Auto Collision Repair Technology
Couchman, Monte 309-3103 Vice President of Instruction
Davis, Sandi 309-3124 Medical Front Office
Duran, Lara 309-3169 Outreach Coordinator
Eberwein, Susan 309-3106 Vice President of Student Services
Edwards, Shonell 309-3136 Learning Resources Assistant
Fairchild, Richard 309-3171 Auto Collision Repair
Fajardo, Fernando 309-3140 Welding Technology
Foust, Amanda 309-3114 Associate Vice President of Instruction
Galvan, Rachael 309-3147 Financial Aid Specialist
Goode, Greg 309-3182 President
Hawley, James 309-3141 General Education-English
Hoeffner, Denise 309-3110 Director of Institutional Research/Registrar
Horner, Brooke 309-3125 Dental Assistant Instructor/Program Admin.
Keller, JAK 309-3148 Welding Technology Instructor
Knapp, James 309-3135 General Education – Math Instructor
Kreighbaum, Anna 309-3118 Financial Aid Specialist/Academic Advising
Loucks, Mac 309-3161 Diesel Technology Instructor
Manley, Andrew 309-3120 Vice President of Administrative Services
Miller, Becky 309-3109 Developmental Education-English Instructor
Ohlde, Rebekah 309-3119 Director of Academic Advising
Porter, Joyce 309-3133 Allied Health Instructor
Powell, Morgan 309-3138 Executive Director of the Foundation
Rick, Jeramie 309-3151 Machine Tool Technology Instructor
Samreth, Savy 309-3102 Allied Health Administrative Assistant
Schloo, Blane 309-3107 Director of Recruitment
Simpson, Leonard 309-3108 Lead Custodian/Maintenance
Smith, Jim 309-3121 Graphic Arts Instructor
Spani, Sandy 309-3134 Allied Health Instructor
Stelter, Ron 309-3123 Commercial Driver Instructor
Strand, Mike 309-3143 Advertising & Marketing Specialist
Strowig, Cathy 309-3116 Graphic Arts Instructor
Tatro, Naomi 309-3105 Allied Health Coordinator
Townley, Chad 309-3154 HVAC Technology Instructor
Underwood, Kebby 309-3111 Learning Resources Specialist
Vannoy, Eric 309-3162 Welding Technology Instructor
Walker, Clinton 309-3137 Student Services Administrative Assistant
Watters, Christi 309-3144 Allied Health Instructor
Watters, Kevin 342-0209 Construction Technology Instructor
Weber, Ryan 309-3127 Computer Aided Drafting Instructor
Wilcox, Tami 309-3183 Human Resources Specialist
Winger, Gabe 309-3160 Diesel Technology Instructor